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Detailers Trade Kit For Mobile Leather Repairs.

  • Detailers Leather Repair Kit
detailers-course-trade-kit-1detailers-course-trade-kit-2 Bundles Detailers Course Trade Kit Products & Tools in the Large Mobile Technician kit 1 x 500ml premium leather cleaner 1 x 500ml leather protection cream 1 x 500ml alcohol cleaner 1 x 500ml stain and ink remover 1 x 500ml leather prep 1 x 500ml mould remover 1 x 500ml dashboard cleaner 1 x 100ml quick dry filler 6 x 50ml coloured heavy filler 1 x 100ml leather glue 1 x 250ml leather finish gloss 1 x 250ml leather finish satin 1 x 250ml leather finish matt  1 x 100ml Leather Primer 1 x 100ml Vinyl Adhesion Promotor Accessories 10 x large sponges 50 x wooden mixing sticks 6 x glue plastic stick 20 x medium mixing pots 1 x black backing fabric 1 x small tampico brush 1 x large tampico brush 1 x pair of scissors 10 x red prep pads 1 x hairdryer 1 x plastic spatula 1 x folding magnifying glass 1 x pair wooden handled tweezers 1 x small mouth diffuser 1 x large mouth diffuser 1 x small colour wheel 8 x 320 sandpaper 8 x 1200 sandpaper 1 x pack No10a blades 1 x No 3 blade handle 1 x paintbrush 12 x terry towels Colourants 1 x 100ml Bright Yellow 1 x 100ml Scarlet (Red) 1 x 100ml Strong Black 1 x 100ml Dark Blue 1 x 100ml Orange 1 x 100ml White 1 x 100ml Magenta 1 x 100ml Red Oxide 1 x 100ml Violet 1 x 100ml Bright Green 1 x 100ml Yellow Oxide 1 x 100ml Umber 1 x 100ml Caramel 1 x 100ml Light Beige 1 x 100ml Cream 1 x 100ml Light Grey
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