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  • Saddle & Tack Colour Restorer

    The re-colouring cream helps restore the colour of old worn saddle and tack equipment. Once the chosen areas have been coloured, you must seal the tack re-colouring cream in by applying...

    From £7.00
  • Saddle Care & Tack Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream

    Protect your saddle and tack equipment with our  Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream Using advanced technology, our leather protection cream creates an invisible protective barrier for your tack. The protection cream...

    From £12.00
  • Saddle Care Mould Remover

    Mould Remover Protecting your health, and your horses health is important. Using our specialist Saddle & Tack care mould remover will not only offcer protection against mould, but it will...

    From £12.50
  • Saddle & Tack Softening Crème

    Dried out, stiff or cracked leather is common out leathers that are constantly exposed to the natural elements outside. The Crème penetrates the leather to soak into every single fibre of...

  • Saddle & Tack Leather Soap Cleaner

    Saddle Care & Tack Soap Cleaner is recommended for use when your leather has become very dirty, due to its special additives this helps leather to be kept soft and...

    From £10.50
  • Saddle Care Cleaning Kit

    All in one, Saddle Care & Tack Cleaning Pack A gentle, water-based, highly effective cleaner that is perfect for any tack equipment you have. Combined with the protection cream to...

    From £32.50
  • Saddle Care & Tack AntiBacterial Spray

    Make sure your tack is complete free from bacteria & potentially harmful germs. The AntiBacterial Spray then leaves behind a residual broad spectrum biocide, helping to keep germs away for...

    From £12.50
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