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  • Nano Fabric Water Proof Kit - RF1

    RF1 - Fabric Coating System A specially designed product to be used on fabric, leather, suede, curtains, carpets, and soft tops. Giving items Super Hydrophobic and Oleophobic protection.  Leading the...

    From £95.00
  • Luxury Leather Cleaner - RL1

    RL1 - Luxury Leather Cleaner A 100% natural, water-based cleaner that is perfect for your leather, helping to prolong its life and keep your leather looking amazing.  On inspection, you...

  • Car Leather Protection Kit - RLG1

    RLG1 - Leather Guard Coating System - ONLY for approved Technicians  Enjoy full peace of mind with our Interior Car Protection Kit.  Using the Leather Guard System will protect your cars...

  • Sofa Protection Kit - RLG2

    RLG2 - Leather Guard Sofa Protection System To complete the collection for the Car interior, and Handbag protection kit. We've got the sofa/furniture protection kit. Offering fantastic protection against stains,...

  • Handbag Protection Kit - RLG3

    RLG3 - Handbag Leather Guard Coating System The protection system that you should be using on your handbags. Using the Leather Guard System will protect your leather handbags from stains, dye...

  • Gadget Shield

    Protect your treasured, personal belongings with Robornes. This unique system will protect your watches, personal jewellery and even some electronic devices such as monitors and mobile phone screens. Once protected,...

  • Glass Shield - RG1

    RG1- Glass Coating System  Glass Shield is a fantastic product that adds water repellent properties to your windows. Using the Glass Shield will also make the cleaning of stubborn bugs,...

  • Nano Fabric Water Proof (single)

    A specially designed product to be used on fabric, leather, suede, curtains, carpets, and soft tops. Giving items Super Hydrophobic and Oleophobic protection.  Leading the way for outstanding water-repellent properties....

    From £95.00
  • Black & White Ceramic Sponges

    Black & White Ceramic Sponge. The perfect sponge applicator to apply ceramic coatings to the vehicle.

  • Blue Ceramic Sponge

    Blue Ceramic Application Sponge. Large enough to hold in your hand and the perfect applicator sponge for applying Ceramic coatings to vehicles.

  • Minted Instant Detailer

    Minted Instant Detailer The perfect partner for all your detailing needs. Offering fantastic long term protection and outstanding shine. Can also be used on exterior plastics to offer protection against...

    From £8.00
  • Pearly Pink Vehicle Shampoo

    Pearly Pink superior high foam shampoo This smells divine, just like apricots So many shampoos on the market, that resemble a detergent rather than an automotive safe shampoo, Pearly Pink...

    From £6.50
  • Blue Diamond Vehicle Shampoo

    Blue Diamond is superior non foaming shampoo Smells divine, just like watermelons. Developed out of frustration many years when attending car shows, not wanting a shampoo that created loads of foam, allowing washing...

    From £6.50
  • Opal Glow Car Wax

      Opal Glow is liquid wax. It smells of chocolate so much you would want to eat it, BUT DON'T eat it !! It contains a high amount of Carnauba...

    From £9.00
  • Tailored Glass - Glass Cleaner

    Tailored Glass - Superior Glass Cleaner This glass cleaner is an outstanding product. Ready to use on all types of glass and mirrors including tinted windows. This glass cleaner will...

    From £6.50
  • Speed Junkie Bike Cleaner

      Speed Junkie Bike Cleaner Let's get funky with the junkie Simply spray on your item, allow to dwell for a short period and powerwash off to a bright new sparkling finish...

    From £6.50
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