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  • Brush - "The Brucle"

    Take a look at our brand new Brucle Brush! The Brucle Leather Cleaning Brush comes in two sizes Mini and Maxi. The Brucle, creates great foaming to help aid the cleaning...

    From £6.50
  • Leather Protection Cream - RPC1

    RPC1 - Leather Protection Cream A cream that helps soften leather and protects against dirt and stains. Use 3 to 4 times per year for year-long protection. Prevents the surface...

    From £10.00
  • Guinness Detailing Brush

    Guinness Detailers Brushes Our world famous Guinness detailing brushes. Soft bristles, no metal, plastic body so won't scratch your vehicle. Fantastic for cleaning vents and interior components and dash trims dials,...

  • Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating - RSC

    RSC - Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating System The Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating System is a very unique product. It's a product that can be layered to gain even greater depths of shine and...

  • Yellow Sponge (single)

    Robornes Yellow Sponge Applicator Pad. Soft foam sponge applicator pad used to apply Robornes Leather Guard, protection cream or maintainer.  

  • Carpet Cleaning Brush

    Carpet or Soft top Cleaning Brush    Fantastic carpet and soft top cleaning brush. Designed to grip easily and for deep cleaning fabrics and soft tops.  Colours may vary.

  • Long Handled Brush

    This long, slender brush is perfect for cleaning smaller areas with ease. Gone are the struggles of using larger Brucle or Tampico style brushes on small items. The long-handled brush is...

  • Minted Instant Detailer

    Minted Instant Detailer The perfect partner for all your detailing needs. Offering fantastic long term protection and outstanding shine. Can also be used on exterior plastics to offer protection against...

  • Red Top Detailing Brushes

    Red Top Detailing Brushes Our world famous detailing brushes. Soft bristles, no metal, plastic body so won't scratch your vehicle.  Fantastic for cleaning around lines on cars when doing pre-washes or...

    From £1.60
  • Small Microfibre Cloth

    Small Microfibre Polish Cloth. Fantastic quality microfibres, great for taking off polish or for cleaning an interior trim. Works on all types of waxes, and liquid sealants and quick details. An...

  • Leather Guard Maintainer - RM1

    RM1 - Leather Guard Maintainer  Leather Guard Maintainer is an aftercare product that can be used after the Leather Guard Protection system has been used. Perfect for adding an extra protective...

    From £9.00
  • Tailored Glass - Glass Cleaner

    Tailored Glass - Superior Glass Cleaner This glass cleaner is an outstanding product. Ready to use on all types of glass and mirrors including tinted windows. This glass cleaner will...

  • Carpet Shampoo - Highly Concentrated

    Carpet Cleaner Extraction Machine Shampoo   This is a highly concentrated shampoo for use in extraction machines. Can be added in small amounts as directed to either warm water or cold...

  • Fabric Cleaner

    Deep cleaning fabric cleaner and enhancer, perfect for soft top roofs as well Deep cleans Fabric cleaner Soft top roofs Handbags linings The fabric cleaner was designed to produce a...

    From £6.50
  • Microfibre Wax Applicator Pad

    White Microfibre Wax Applicator Pad.  Foam filled white microfibre wax applicator pad with a pouch on the rear to put your hand in to, this allows waxing your vehicle easier. Brilliant for...

  • Crescent Tyre Dressing Sponge

    Crescent Tyre Dressing Sponge. With a built-in perfect grab handle making the application much quicker and easier. Ergonomic shape, perfect for the sidewalls of tyres.  

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