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  • Brush - "The Brucle"

    Take a look at our brand new Brucle Brush! This supersedes the amazing qualities of our previous Tampico brush. The Brucle, creates great foaming to help aid the cleaning process. Comes...

    From £6.50
  • Guinness Detailing Brush

    Guinness Detailers Brushes Our world famous Guinness detailing brushes. Soft bristles, no metal, plastic body so won't scratch your vehicle. Fantastic for cleaning vents and interior components and dash trims dials,...

  • Long Handled Brush

    This long, slender brush is perfect for cleaning smaller areas with ease. Gone are the struggles of using larger Brucle or Tampico style brushes on small items. The long-handled brush is...

  • Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating - RSC

    RSC - Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating System The Semi Ceramic Paint Sealant Coating System is a very unique product. It's a product that can be layered to gain even greater depths of shine and...

  • Leather Protection Cream - RPC1

    RPC1 - Leather Protection Cream A cream that helps soften leather and protects against dirt and stains. Use 3 to 4 times per year for year-long protection. Prevents the surface...

    From £10.00
  • Leather Guard Maintainer - RM1

    RM1 - Leather Guard Maintainer  Leather Guard Maintainer is an aftercare product that can be used after the Leather Guard Protection system has been used. Perfect for adding an extra protective...

    From £9.00
  • Yellow Sponge (single)

    Robornes Yellow Sponge Applicator Pad. Soft foam sponge applicator pad used to apply Robornes Leather Guard, protection cream or maintainer.  

  • Fabric Cleaner

    Deep cleaning fabric cleaner and enhancer, perfect for soft top roofs as well Deep cleans Fabric cleaner Soft top roofs Handbags linings The fabric cleaner was designed to produce a...

    From £6.50
  • Carpet Cleaning Brush

    Carpet or Soft top Cleaning Brush    Fantastic carpet and soft top cleaning brush. Designed to grip easily and for deep cleaning fabrics and soft tops.  Colours may vary.

  • Pro Paint Polysilazane - RP3

    RP3 - 3 Year Pro Coating System Polysilazane is different from waxes, polishes, and sealants. Applying this to your surface, once cured, it hardens to form an extremely thin glass...

  • 3 Year Ceramic - RC3

    RC3 - 3 Year Ceramic Coating System Our 3 year ceramic coating is different from others. A complex 2 layer system that offers superb protection. The lower layer is softer,...

  • 5 Year Ceramic - RC5

    RC5 - 5 Year Ceramic Coating System - ONLY for approved Technicians  Our 5 year ceramic coating is, out of this world. Thousands of hours of testing has created a...

  • Watch & Jewellery Shield

    Protect your treasured, personal belongings with Robornes. This unique system will protect your watches, personal jewellery and even some electronic devices such as monitors and mobile phone screens. Once protected,...

  • Glass Cleaner - RNG1

    RNG1 - Natural Glass Cleaner  This glass cleaner is a natural product. It has been designed to work alongside our nano glass shield coating system. Do not use alcohol or...

    From £19.00
  • Nano Minted Protection - RNM1

    RNM1 - Nano Minted Detailer / Topper  Nano Minted Protection is a topper / after spray product that can help prolong the life of the previous ceramic coating. Extending the...

    From £31.00
  • Masonry Protection - RBP1

    RBP1 - Brick Protection System Robornes external masonry protection can be used on; exterior walls, brickwork, statues, and monuments to prevent rain penetration without affecting the breathability of the masonry....

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