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LRC4 Protect your leather sofa with our Leather Sofa Protection & Conditioner Cream

If you want to help protect your leather. Our protection & conditioning cream offers outstanding protection against an array of possible threats, including: 

Pen marks 
Food stains 
Jean dye 
UV damage 
Body oils. 

If left unprotected, over time your leather will become dry, it will slowly crack, it will lose its colour. It will be damaged. This applies to your leather sofas, leather car interior, motorbike suits, jackets, and even shoes.  

With its built-in advanced, intelligent protection system. The Leather Repair Companies, Leather Protection Cream will help care for your leather, making it last longer. 

Other benefits of the leather protection & conditioning cream are it feeds, nourishes, and conditions your leather. This helps keep the moisture locked in. This helps keep your leather nice and supple.  

When used in partnership with the Leather Cleaner, you will find you have brighter, fresher, newer looking leather items.

Ideally, this leather protection cream should be applied after you have cleaned your leather using our Leather Sofa Cleaner

The Leather Sofa Protection Cream is also VITAL when you use our Sofa Colour Enhancer Creams. 


How It Works

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Shake the bottle well before use and during use.

Its best applied sparingly for even better protection, the more you apply once each coating is dry the better the protection, at most three coatings is more than enough to give a very long protection.

Applied thinly will make the protection cream blend In with your leather without changing the appearance/level of sheen.

If you wanted to gain a sheen level on your leather, apply thicker and buff like you would a car polish to produce a nice shiny finish.

Allow the product to dry between coats for around 10 to 15 minutes, once dry this can be buffed to lock in the special molecules giving you fantastic protection

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