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Product Code: LRC33F

LRC33 Protection for your Aniline Leather items. Helps stop stains and dirt build up.

The aniline protector is designed for........
  • Boots
  • Shoes
  • Jackets
  • Handbags
  • Clothing
  • Purses
  • Furniture


Aniline leather is one of the finest leathers around today. Keeping your aniline leather in great shape is essential to ensure you maintain that luxurious soft silky touch.

The Leather Repair Company Aniline protector is made just for protecting the delicate aniline surface from stains and dirt build up.

The aniline protector provides an outstanding invisible barrier of protection keeping your aniline looking better longer.

The beauty of the aniline protector is it keeps daily dirt and grime at bay. Stopping it from getting down into the leather fibres causing unsightly dirt and grime on your stunning aniline items. With the aniline coated in the advanced technology barrier, it makes cleaning and caring for your aniline items much easier. When you have applied the protector to your aniline items it stops all dirt and grime getting into the nap of the aniline.

Allowing for regular maintenance to be carried out with minimal efforts to keep your aniline clean and fresh all the time.

The protector works great on handbags and purses and items of clothing protecting them from dirt, grime, body fluids and grease build up. Once the protector is applied and dried its strongly advised you apply a protection cream.

The additional protection layers provide even great protection for your aniline items.

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First of all, even with new aniline items its best to clean the item with the aniline leather cleaner.

Its best applied using the trigger spray bottle lightly mist this onto the surface giving great coverage and several coats to allow it to lock the surface together stopping dirt and grime for good from attacking your aniline items.

Recoat every three months if the items are used on a daily basis.


The small 250ml bottle will coat an average sized jacket about two or three times, a pair of shoes several times and a handbag many times.

A 500ml bottle will coat a 2 seat sofa and a chair

A 1ltr bottle will coat a 3 seat sofa and two single chairs

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