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  • Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream LRC4

    LRC4 Advanced Barriers Of Protection With The Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream. The barriers will help stop dirt and grime building up on your leather, dirt and grime will only...

    From £6.00
  • White Soft Terry Towel

    Apply your creams with our luxurious, soft, delicate terry towel.Our terry towels are perfect for applying softening cream or protection cream. Also great for wiping away dirt when you're cleaning...

    From £1.50
  • Leather Sofa Protection & Conditioner Cream LRC4

    LRC4 Protect your leather sofa with our Leather Sofa Protection & Conditioner Cream If you want to help protect your leather. Our protection & conditioning cream offers outstanding protection against an array...

    From £6.00
  • Classic Car Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream LRC4

    LRC4 Protect your classic car leather interior with our Classic Car Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream Whether you're restoring a classic leather interior, or carefully looking after one. Our Classic...

    From £6.00
  • Leather Detailer Spray LRC5

    LRC5 The Leather detailer Spray gives your leather that luxurious feel and that amazing aroma of leather once again   Built-In Aromas Luxurious Feel Deep Cleans Helps Stop Stains Brightens...

  • Aniline Leather Protector LRC33

    LRC33 Protection for your Aniline Leather items. Helps stop stains and dirt build up. The aniline protector is designed for........ Boots Shoes Jackets Handbags Clothing Purses Furniture   Aniline leather...

  • Leather Jacket Conditioner Cream LRC4

    LRC4 Leather Jacket Conditioner Cream. This leather jacket conditioner cream will not only help protect your jacket from stains, inking, & dirt but will help preserve it too.  This unique condition cream...

    From £6.00
  • Leather Guard® Coating Protection LRC41

    LRC41 Leather Guard® Protection is a guaranteed coating to stop stains taking place on the leather. Stops Stains Protects Leather Stays Natural Waterproof Helps Stop Dirt Build Up Stops Red...

    From £44.50
  • Leather Stain Protection Spray LRC38

    LRC38 Leather Protector Spray - Stops stains and dirt build-up on Leather. Great For car Seats Fantastic For Couches Protects Handbags Brilliant For Leather Jackets Waterproof Protection For Motorcycle Leathers...

  • Wood Reviver & Cleaner LRC27

    LRC27 Wood Reviver & Polish Works fantastic on french polished surfaces, can be used to clean and revive all wooden surfaces.    A natural yet powerful wood restorer. Based on...

  • Leather Care Hamper

    Save £26.95 on this leather care hamper. An amazing value pack that will help you care for not only your leather items, but your carpet, fabrics, plastics, and car interior....

  • Saddle Care & Tack Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream

    Protect your saddle and tack equipment with our  Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream Using advanced technology, our leather protection cream creates an invisible protective barrier for your tack. The protection cream...

    From £12.00
  • Suede Protector LRC17

    LRC17 Protection for your Suede from the Leather repair Company with our Suede Protector The protection for Car Interiors Boots Shoes Jackets Handbags Clothing Purses Furniture The Leather repair Company...

    From £18.50
  • Dye Stopper Spray Coating LRC44

    LRC44 Dye Stopper - Stops Jean Dye and more   A brand new product that will help stop dye transfer onto leather from Jeans, newspaper, inks. Dye Stopper works on all...

    From £5.25
  • Convertible Roof Waterpoofer LRC11

    LRC11 Convertible Roof Waterproofer. Re Waterproof your convertible roof on your classic car or modern car, works great on marine canvas as well. Easy to use, clean your roof first...

  • Wood Wax Polish LRC42

    Restorers Wood Wax does a fantastic job of protecting your wooden items. Helps prevent wood from absorbing moisture. Used as a finish on wood to enhance the natural colours. Product Video...

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