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This leather repair kit is perfect for repairing colour loss and scratches on leather or changing the colour to a new colour.
It's fantastic on both modern and classic cars as well as leather sofas, leather jackets, handbags and shoes.


  • DIY kit with professional results
  • East to use
  • fast drying
  • Invisible Repairs
  • Perfect Colour matches
  • Easy 3 Stage Process


This colour repair kit has been designed as a DIY repair kit where you get a base colour similar to your leather finish and then mix several tints to the base colour to match the colour of your leather perfectly, allowing repairs to become invisible.

Scuffs & Scratches, Faded & Worn: Are simple to repair with either a sponge or cotton bud. For best result's its best to dab the colour onto the offending areas in doing this you are creating a finish similar to your leather surface making the repair blend in perfectly and invisible.

Damage From Stains & Spills: Nail varnish remover, hair gel, hair spray, hair dye and other strong solvents sometimes remove the colour from leather, easily touch it up with a sponge or cover nasty hard to remove stains with the mixed colourant dye. For items like head grease, you will need to remove these fully or the dye will not take fully and penetrate the surface correctly and cause peeling in the future. The PU Colourants are extremely hard wearing and will not scratch unless very heavily forced. For more colour choices please visit Leather Colours our standard colour range has 26 colours with tints in each kit to adjust the main colour making for a perfect repair and colour match for your leather.


Extremely Flexible: It can withstand 100,000 flexes Hard wearing & high colour coverage Soft, delicate & natural look & feel Available in 26 standard colours or one of over 50,000 colours in our database. Colour matching service to match your leather exactly ask for a price.

Kit Contents

Small Kit Contents

  • 250ml Base
  • 30ml tints x3 sometimes more
  • 250ml leather prep
  • 100ml matt finish
  • 100ml gloss finish
  • Terry towel cleaning cloth
  • Application sponges
  • Large mixing stick
  • Sand Paper
  • Protective gloves
  • Red emery pad
  • Detailed instructions

Medium Kit Contents

  • 500ml Base
  • 50ml tints x 3sometimes more
  • 500ml leather prep
  • 250ml matt finish
  • 250ml gloss finish
  • Terry towel cleaning cloth
  • Application sponges + accessories
  • Large mixing stick
  • Sand Paper
  • Red emery pad
  • Protective gloves
  • Detailed instructions



Large Kit Contents

  • 1ltr Base
  • 100ml tints x 3sometimes more
  • 1ltr leather prep
  • 500ml matt finish
  • 500ml gloss finish
  • Terry towel cleaning cloth
  • Application sponges + accessories
  • Large mixing stick
  • Sand Paper
  • Red emery pad
  • Protective gloves
  • Detailed instructions
    Video Instructions

    Our Kits are unique they are a very easy, simple four stage process.

    1/ First of all you will need to clean the leather thoroughly.

    2/ The next step is to use the prep, this is designed to remove some of the old surface coating, the reason for doing this is its removing all old dirt, grease, waxes and oils from the surface and some of the old manufacturers finish, this then gives you a base to work from allowing the colourant to adhere correctly to the leathers surface. Without removing some of the colour, the new colour won’t bond correctly.

    3/ The next stage is to colour the area to be repaired.

    4/ Once coloured, you then seal this over with the clear coat sealers (Gloss and Matt Finish) the gloss and matt finish can be mixed together to give you a satin finish if this is the desired look you require, this can be done by mixing them 50/50.


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