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  • Leather Cleaning Set

    Leather Cleaning Set & Protection Kit All In One Deep Cleans & Provides Intelligent Protection. Outstanding Cleaning Intelligent Protection Stain Stopper Technology Built In Leather Aromas Leather Cleaning Kit *Not...

  • Tear Repair Kit LRCK6

    LRCK6 Leather Glue Tear Repair Kit. The best glue for Leather Extremely Flexible Can Be Over Painted Strong Leather Glue FOR LEATHER SUITES, VEHICLES, CLOTHING, SHOES, AND ITEMS AROUND THE...

  • Pigmented Leather Care Kit (250ml) LRCK10

    LRCK10 - The Leather Care Kit, deep cleans, adds a barrier of protection and re instates that amazing aroma of leather again. Designed for classic and modern interiors in cars...

  • Leather Dye Steering Wheel Repair Kit LRCK2

    LRCK2 Steering Wheel Repair Kit / Gear Shift Repair Kit   Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit Very Hard Wearing - Seals in the colour and keeps it sealed in! High...

  • Pet Scratch Leather Dye Repair Kit LRCK16

    LRCK16 Leather Pet Scratch Repair Kit For Cat Scratches, Tears, Rips & Splits   Pet scratch repair kit removes scratches repairs tears re colours leather   The Pet scratch repair kit now comes...

  • Aniline Leather Care Kit LRCK9

    LRCK9 Aniline Leather Cleaning and Protection Kit  Description Taking care of your aniline leather with the all in one aniline care kit. Keeps leather clean Built in leather aromas Intelligent...

  • Handbag Edge Dye Repair Kit

    Handbag Edge Kit Perfect For Damaged Handles & Handbag Edges.   Easy to use Edge Filler Quick Drying Hard Wearing Matches Manufacturers Finish     Very Easy Simple Steps For...

  • Ink & Stain Remover Kit LRCK7

    LRCK7 For removing stains from leather the Ink & Stain Remover is ideal for removing many different stains. Can be used to remove grease, ink & Stains that have penetrated...

  • Touch Up Dye Repair Kit LRCK17

    LRCK17 A professional touch up repair kit for your leather.   Revives the colour of leather, scratches, small areas of colour loss and can even repair indentations and scratches that...

  • Heavy Filler Repair Kit LRCK11

    LRCK11 The heavy filler repair is the perfect item to repair small holes and cracks on leather.   The kit comes complete with a heavy filler, small spatula and 2...

  • Bikers Leather Care Kit

    Bikers Leather Cleaning and Protection Kit Bikers Leather Cleaning & Protection Kit Outstanding Cleaning Intelligent Protection Stain Stopper Technology Built In Leather Aromas Leather Cleaning Kit This bikers leather cleaning...

  • Fabric / Velour Repair Kit

    COSMETIC DIY FABRIC AND VELOUR REPAIR KIT Smart Repair UK are the market leaders in supplying the market with our DIY fabric and Velour Repair Kit. Suitable for fabric /...

  • Convertible Roof Cleaning & Reproofer KIT

    Convertible and Cabriolet Weatherproofer, Soft Top Canvas Proofer, Cleaner & Mould Remover Removes mould Deep cleans Waterproofs Brightens colours Conditions the roof Soft Top Canvas Proofer - Give your convertible...

  • Leather Grain Copying Kit LRCK18

    LRCK18 Grain Copier - Heat Cure Leather Graining Kit     This is a complete grain kit, including grain fillers, graining matts, heat iron and cooling bar.     Kit...

  • Saddle Care Cleaning Kit

    All in one, Saddle Care & Tack Cleaning Pack A gentle, water-based, highly effective cleaner that is perfect for any tack equipment you have. Combined with the protection cream to...

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  • Watch Care kit

    The care kit contains three items, a luxury leather cleaner with built in leather aromas, along with a leather protection spray to provide months of protection to stop dirt, grease,...

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