Welcome Back

Hello again! Thank you for coming back to the blog. This week, I started more in depth work into social media and have started planning exciting projects for the future. Stay tuned to both mine and the Leather Repair Companies social medias for future details! Here is what I got up to this week.

My Work

At the beginning of the week, I started up my Instagram page @lrc_apprentice.joe, drop me a follow, to accompany my Twitter, which you can follow here @lrc_apprentice. I have also started a bi-daily series all about fun leather facts and figures you may not know. These will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will be available on both my Instagram and Twitter. I have been starting and joining discussions with various people on my social medias so if you ever have a question or just want a chat, feel free to get in contact!

Additionally to this, I have been researching into the future of the leather industry, gathering information about companies that research into synthetic and artificial leather, all for a blog post I plan on publishing sometime soon. The industry is constantly evolving and the future of leather is looking interesting and bright.

My Apprenticeship

After a complete first week now, I feel confident that my apprenticeship is going in the right direction. Obviously, it is still in it’s infancy, but I feel myself slowly progressing forward each day, as a new task faces me. Now I’ve got all my social media accounts set up and running smoothly, I am starting to feel more and more confident in my work each day. I have exciting plans for the future of my social medias and cannot wait to start using them in even more effective and successful ways as time goes on.


In conclusion, I am slowly improving my knowledge of social media and how to use it in a business sense. I am looking forward to my future works and projects while working with the Leather Repair Company, and am excited to evolve my knowledge. Thank you again for reading my blog and stay tuned on my Twitter and Instagram for all the things I get up to on a daily basis.


Lastly! Here's a competition I've been able to put together on Instagram. It's easy to enter, simply tag your friend(s) in the comments and I'll pick a winner at random when the competition closes! 


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