Good day!!

You will be happy to learn that your shopping experience has just got a whole lot better! Our previous store looked good.. but we found that over time, it became a little bit sluggish at times. In current times, where speed is everything. This simply wasn't acceptable.
We've worked hard on our new store. It's faster, easier, has more features and well... if it makes you happy. We're happy.

Of course, as with any new website launch - there may be a few little gremlins lying around. We would appreciate it if you could let us know when or if you find any! We'll drop your name into a hat along with the other users and pick out a winner each month.

Also... check out our problem fixer picture! It's interactive... spot something you have? Click the indicators to find out what product you need.

Thanks, any questions - hit us up!!  


  • Problem Fixer
    Colour Loss
    Ink & Stain
    Head Grease
    Cat Scratches
    Holes / Burns
    Ink Remover

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