To celebrate the Spring bank holiday, we've got a few things to help make it even more exciting!

Whilst we've done our best 'Sun Dance' - we can't guarantee that you'll have fantastic weather. But what we can be 100% certain with, we can save you some cash!

Running until Friday 1st June* - we're giving you some fabulous savings.

Only 1 code can be used per order. 

  • Use MAY50 at the checkout.
  • Use MAY25 at the checkout.

If you need any help choosing the right product. You can do a few things:

  • Try our interactive problem fixer.
  • Send us a message through Messenger (must be logged into facebook)
  • Give us a call: 01482 606 864
  • Or, contact us using our contact form or email (

Be sure to provide any photographs that will help us find the right solution for you! 

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